5 Ways to Fight Against Plastic Straws

We grew up using plastic straws and don’t think much about them - until we realize how much damage plastic straws cause our environment.

These one-time use pieces of plastic never fully degrade. They will around for years to come, littering our land and waterways. Straws are currently in the top 10 most found trash items during ocean cleanups. Consider what all those plastic straws are doing to our marine life, and you realize we must find a better way of drinking our beverages.

Say No To Plastic Straws

How can we stop using these plastic straws we have become so accustomed too? Use these tips to help you break the habit and do your part to keep out planet free of plastic straw trash.

1. Make a Personal Commitment

Decide not to use plastic straws. When ordering a drink, request ‘no straw, please’. Ask your friends to do the same.

Sign the ‘No Plastic Straws’ pledge to show others your commitment to do your part to eradicate this problem. (Pledge to stop using plastic straws here)

2. Get The Word Out

Talk with local restaurant managers about implementing a ‘straw upon request’ policy. Encourage the restaurants who are willing to adopt this policy to switch over to alternative forms of straws, like bamboo, to help reduce plastic waste.

3. Printed Cards

Have business cards printed with information regarding the harm plastic straws cause the environment and what alternatives there may be. Hand these cards out when paying your restaurant bill and other times when it seems appropriate.

Printed cards will get the word out without you having to say anything and will have a far reaching impact.

4. Host a Film Night

The film ‘Straws’ was created to show people what discarded plastic straws can do to harm our planet. If you can find a venue in your community, get the film advertised to draw people in, showing them ‘Straws’ will do the rest for you. (Learn more about the film here)

5. Buy A Re-Usable Straw

Some people like to drink through straws (some may even need to use straws for drinking) and that’s ok, just purchase a re-usable straw.

Reusable straws come in stainless steel, stainless steel with silicone tips, glass, bamboo, and soft silicone. Most reusable straws come in cases for easy and hygienic transport so they are easy to tuck into a purse or pocket and take along with you. Slim cleaning brushes are also included to make cleaning the straws a snap.

 Say no to plastic straws

Be sure to share this article on your social media accounts to spread the word. Comment below the ways you fight against plastic straws!

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