Magma Hammerhead Bracelet

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🗑️ Removes one pound of ocean plastic.
🤙 Fully adjustable to fit any wrist.
♻️ 100% recycled packaging.
🌎 Daily reminder to cut back on plastic.

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Pounds of Plastic Removed


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The Beach Crew

At our core, we are passionate about making a real difference in the world, and we know that we can't do it alone. We're building an army of like-minded individuals who share our vision of respect for all humans, creatures, and mother earth.


Your Impact

It's more than just a bracelet. Together we remove one pound of ocean plastic with every purchase.




Customer Reviews

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Nick Purnell
Mothers Day

My mom, sister, and I go kayaking often in the Chesapeake bay. The past couple of years we’ve been picking up trash as we go. The bracelets I bought us for Mother’s Day not only look great but keep with what we want our world to be. Beautiful and clean.

Steven Gross
Great company!!

Love the bracelets will definitely order more!!! As well as really love what you are doing for the ocean I live in Florida and every time we go fishing on the Indian River or at the beach or out on the boat we always pick up stuff we see!!!

Samantha Sirianni
Love the bracelets!!🦈❤️

The hammerhead bracelet doesn’t lie as flat as I would like. I think I would like it more if it had a more narrow rope also.

Amanda Matter
Love these bracelets!

These are such great bracelets. My son loves them, and it's an added perk that we know we are helping clean up the oceans :)

David Hewlett
Excellent quality

This is really nice quality for an amazing cause. I would definitely purchase more.

Brett Wolf
good stuff

Liked the bracelets, although the cord is WAY too long. Are yetis buying these things? Lol.

To adjust any rope bracelet:

1) Hold the ocean animal charm on your wrist.
2) Wrap the rope around your wrist two times.
3) Hook the loop onto the ocean animal.
4) If the bracelet is too tight or too loose, adjust the loop by sliding the knot.

If you have any further questions, send us an email to!

George Fitzgerald
Bracelets with a Mission

This is the second time I have bought Dorsal bracelets, they make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the ocean, marine wildlife, or cares about the environment. It is a gift with a purpose, and easy jewelry with a conscience.

Patrick Holmes
Great stuff

Plan on ordering some more really like them great product