Clean Ocean.

Great Bracelets.

Why Dorsal Bracelets?

1. Every Purchase Makes An Impact.

Every purchase removes 1 pound of ocean plastic and funds coral reef restoration. We do this by donating 15% of profits to our partners. As of January 14th, 2022, we've removed 129,944 pounds of plastic from the ocean and planted 865 coral reef fragments.

2. Fully Adjustable Bracelets To Fit Any Wrist.

There's nothing worse than ordering clothing or accessories that don't fit. We kept this in mind when designing our jewelry. All bracelets and rings are fully adjustable to fit any wrist or finger.

3. Over $50,000+ Donated To Charity Partners.

Throughout the years, Dorsal has been able to donate over $50,000 to removing plastic from the ocean, coral reef restoration, and ocean conservation. 15% of profits from every purchase are donated to our incredible partners!

4. Loved By Thousands Of Happy Customers.

There's a reason Dorsal Bracelets has over 3,800 five-star reviews. We've also been seen in Vogue, GQ, Wired, Traveller, and Vanity Fair. Bracelets have been shipped to 173 countries around the world.

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"Absolutely love the bracelets I got in my bundle. I’m a huge fan of keeping the ocean clean & plastic free. It’s a great feeling to know that every purchase is removing a pound of plastic and going toward ocean conservation. Love the selection, I'm about to order another bundle :) "

- Kaitlin

"My 10 year old son begged for one, explaining the company and what they do for the ocean. Immediately purchased a hammerhead shark bracelet for him. Shipping was quick! He has tiny little wrists, but it still fit. Can't wait to gift him more and start his collection."

- Gary