Our Mission

Our Mission

Together we remove one pound of ocean plastic with every purchase.

138,084 Pounds Removed

$53,113 Lifetime Donations

Pound By Pound

Together with Empower Eco, we remove one pound of ocean plastic with every purchase. They verify cleanup organizations around the world to remove plastic from beaches, rivers, and nature. The plastic that is collected goes through a sorting process, gets recycled, and finally reintegrated back into the supply chain as new products. 

Our Story

Dorsal was started in the summer of 2018 by our founder, Chad. It all started with the simple idea that a bracelet could spread awareness and make an impact. Today, our bracelets (and jewelry) serve as a reminder to end single-use plastics and make an impact by removing one pound of ocean plastic with every purchase.

Other Projects

Coral Reef Restoration


In partnership with Coralive.org, we've donated $2,595 to help plant 865 coral fragments. Coralive builds and restores resilient coral reefs around the world.


The Ocean Agency

In partnership with The Ocean Agency, we've donated $2,070 to help with ocean conservation. The Ocean Agency is funding projects to spread awareness about ocean conservation. They are the team behind the popular Netflix documentary "Chasing Coral".

Ocean Agency

Australian Wildfires

During the horrific Australian Wildfires in 2020, we created a limited edition bracelet with 100% of proceeds being donated to the Australian Red Cross. $1,000 was donated to help provide food and shelter to those effected.

Red Cross AUS

Updated June 21, 2022