Charleston, SC

As roommates at the College of Charleston, Chad Ross (left) and Dylan Graham (right) were always throwing around ideas for new businesses. With majors in Biology, the two tried to think of simple ways to help with plastic pollution and spread awareness about environmental issues.

July 17th, 2018

The simple idea that a bracelet could spark conversations and serve as a reminder to stop single-use plastics was born. After speaking with many manufacturers, setting up an office in a storage unit, and finalizing some initial designs - Dorsal Bracelets was officially established.

One Purchase Removes One Pound

Dorsal has formed an incredible partnership with Ocean Blue Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the world's oceans, coastal waterways, and rivers through cleanups. Each month, Dorsal collaborates with and makes a donation to Ocean Blue Project, to help further their efforts in our shared mission. We remove one pound of trash, for every purchase!

Big Moves

In mid 2019, Dylan parted ways with Dorsal to pursue a career in the medical field. We are proud of you Dylan and look forward to watching you grow in your new adventure! Chad and Dylan remain best friends to this day. 

Coming up on Dorsal’s first full year, Chad made the decision to leave his day job and hit the ground running, full time. During this transition, Chad and his friend Alex began to brainstorm the future and evolution of Dorsal. After diving deep into past experiences, creative vision and individual passions, they began to piece the brand’s values and direction into a bigger picture. In late 2019, Alex Whittle (right) joined Chad, as the Chief Marketing Officer of Dorsal, and the two continued to mold the brand and its forever growing goals. 


From our oceans and land masses, to all things inhabiting, it is our mission to remain connected. To forever chase a better understanding of the unknown. To preserve and protect the sustainability of all things, and to do our part in Respecting The Way.