Our Mission

Our Mission

Every Purchase

122,550 Pounds Removed

615 Coral Fragments Planted

$49,068 Lifetime Donations

Plastic Removal

We have partnered with Empower Eco to reduce plastic pollution. They work with verified cleanup organizations around the world to collect plastic from beaches and waterways as well as from inland environments, towns and cities. From collecting plastic at the source through the sorting process to its eventual recycling and reintegration back into the supply chain - every step of the process is tracked using blockchain technology.

Each month Dorsal collaborates with and makes a donation to Empower Eco. We could not be more thankful for this partnerships as we continue to further the strides in our shared mission to make a global impact.


Our partners over at Coralive.org are a non-profit organization, focused on the protection and restoration of our ocean's coral and marine resources.  Each month Dorsal makes a donation to Coralive in our collaborative goal to protect and reestablish our ocean's ecosystem. 

• Low direct current electrolysis | Increased pH-level environment close to the cathode | Limestone deposition on the cathode

• Over 90% survival rate of weak and/or small coral fragments placed on structures | Constant push for growth making corals more resilient against effects of climate change

• Coral growth increased 300% times higher than naturally


We partner with The Ocean Agency, which is an international non-profit organization dedicated to marine research, conservation, and ultimately awareness for change. Their versatile team is using creativity, leading edge technology and powerful partnerships to accelerate their movement. Each month, Dorsal makes a donation to The Ocean Agency to help aid in their "disruptive" approach for change by shedding light and action on our ocean's issues. Right at the core. 

Updated September 16th, 2021

Each month Dorsal donates 15% of net profits to the partnered organizations listed above.

$45,303 donated to Plastic Removal | $1845 donated to Coral Restoration | $1920 donated to Ocean Conservation