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The Dorsal Collection
Every purchase removes one pound of plastic from the ocean

143,679 Pounds of Ocean Plastic Removed


I gave these bracelets to my wife and daughter for a little pre-Christmas gift. They were absolutely thrilled and constantly asked by their friends: where, how much and what colors. I will certainly be a repeat customer.

Fred D.

I love what the Dorsal brand represents and on top of that, the bracelets look great. They are very light weight and non-distracting. If you're someone who doesnt like heavy/clunky jewelry (like me) these bracelets are perfect!

Jimmy W.

My boyfriend and I love the bracelets! We live on the beach and it reminds us constantly that we need to do our part to keep the beaches clean. They’re sturdy and look pretty cool.

Rebekah R.

The folks at Dorsal have done some fantastic work. The cause is one that is super easy to get behind, who doesn’t want cleaner oceans?! The bracelets being unique and fashionable are just a nice bonus!

Brian O.

Really like these bracelets! My kids like all the different colors that these bracelets have and the different designs. This company chose a great cause to help clean up our oceans and hopefully many others will follow! Great company, great product.

Greg S.

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Every purchase removes 1 pound of plastic from the ocean.